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The Palash Flower

Inspiring us to rejuvenate the earth
Inspiring our vision is the Palash flower and tree. Also called the flame of the forest, it represents the resurgence of spring, a beautiful sign of rebirth. In the month of January - March this decidous tree loses its leaves, but is adorned by bright orange-red flowers, as if the beauty of nature has blossomed to celebrate life on earth. Palash, in the Indian context reflects happiness, and worship of life on earth.

It is also a very useful plant the bark exudes a red juice that dries to form the Butea gum. This  contains leucocyanidin, tetramer, procyanidin, gallic acid and mucilaginous material and is a powerful astringent; that is used for diarrhea, dysentery, phthisis and hemorrhage of the stomach and bladder.

The tree grows to 50 feet in height and helps in soil conservation. It uses less water to grow and aids in regeneration of nutrients into the soil, literally, giving back to the earth, which gently holds it in place.  It is found across the Raigad district and many other parts of western Maharashtra. It is a reflection of how beautiful and wholesome life can be.


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